Thank you to all who have spoken out and opted out of aerial pesticide application in response to the state’s actions! The fight is not over, however, and we need you to continue voicing your opposition as the spraying continues. Pesticide application has spread to other counties and regions of the lower peninsula.

Michigan Audubon urges you to:

Continue to opt out. For those who have not opted out of your residential area spraying schedule, you may still be able to do so because of delays to the state’s plan to spray caused by weather. You can fill out the opt-out form here. Only opt-out requests received 48 hours in advance of planned spraying will be honored so don’t delay in filling it out.

Email You can register your concern about this program even if you don’t live in a spray zone. They are tracking opposition to this, and they are being bombarded. Let’s keep letting them know this aerial spraying is not acceptable!

Share your opinion with Governor Whitmer. You can fill out an online form here or call the executive office at 517-335-7858 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. We’ve provided sample language for writing to Governor Whitmer; for a Microsoft Word document, click here or download it as a pdf.

Sign a petition or start one in your area. Petitions are an easy way to exhibit a large number of people holding the same opinion. Check out this petition on for “Stopping the toxic pesticide spraying over Kalamazoo and SW Michigan.” At the time of publishing this, more than 8,000 people have signed it. Starting a petition of your own is easy and you could consider partnering with your local conservation organization to add power to your message, especially considering the fact that new spray zones have been identified in the state.

Articulate your view through social media. Don’t be afraid to take a stand for what you believe in on behalf of wildlife and the environment as well as human health. We urge you to be thoughtful and kind in your sharing and stick with the facts; there is no shortage of facts you can pull from our press release and position statement on this issue (see links below).

Thank you again for taking action and helping us defend our environment!

Click here to visit the original action alert post.

Click here to read the Michigan Audubon Position Statement on Aerial Spraying of Pesticides in Response to EEE.