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Michigan: The Great Birding State

Michigan is a year-round destination for viewing birds. Michigan Audubon and its 35 chapters host field trips, workshops, and specialty birding tours throughout the year, highlighting the diversity of bird life in the state. Our organization supports the development of a statewide network of birding trails, giving birders increased knowledge for accessing the state’s best birding locations.

Birders Birding. Image shows a group of people facing away, all holding binoculars to look at an unseen birds in the dark forested background. Photo by Alex Proimos.

Download a checklist of Michigan birds

Michigan Audubon programs are available for birders of all experience levels. During the summer the organization offers tours of the Kirtland’s Warbler breeding habitat. The annual Signature Event series offers birders the opportunity to experience seasonal migration in a fun, educational setting, and place special emphasis on conservation needs. For a complete listing of Michigan Audubon and local chapter programs, please visit our Event Calendar.

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Birding in a Digital World

Birding has never been easier, thanks to the wealth of resources and tools available via the Internet and smart device technology. Here are a few of our favorite online birding resources!

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There are many birding listservs to check for local bird sightings or resources. Check out the following listserves for local bird-related content:

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Identifying an unknown bird is a breeze with online bird guides and smart phone apps. These fantastic electronic field guides provide species information including identification tips, range, habitat, photos, and audio clips.


Are you an avid birder that wants to contribute to population monitoring efforts? Use eBird to log your sightings, keep track of lists, find local hotspots, and much more! eBird is a real-time, online checklist program that has revolutionized birding by giving birders unprecedented access to bird records and the ability to contribute to citizen science and bird conservation like never before.

New to eBird? Check out the quick start guide.