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Michigan Audubon connects birds and people for the benefit of both through conservation, education, and research efforts in the state of Michigan.

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Formed and incorporated in 1904, Michigan Audubon is the state’s oldest conservation organization. The early history of the organization was dedicated to securing protective legislation for birds at a time when the millinery industry was harming songbird populations. Through the devotion of its early conservation-minded founders, Michigan Audubon was recognized nationally for advocacy and education efforts. Today, Michigan Audubon’s commitment to birds continues in the form of organized bird-related data collection by a community of “citizen scientists.” Likewise, the organization educates thousands of bird watchers each year through a series of educational programs, events, and an annual conference. Michigan Audubon’s bird sanctuary network is growing and includes thousands of acres of protected bird habitat from Jackson County to the Keweenaw Peninsula.


Currently, Michigan Audubon maintains a membership of nearly 3000 individuals and businesses. There are 32 active local chapters of Michigan Audubon statewide. The Whitefish Point Bird Observatory is a program of Michigan Audubon. The organization nurtures partnerships with the National and Detroit Audubon Societies, the Kalamazoo Nature Center, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Michigan Environmental Council, National Wildlife Federation, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.