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A male Kirtland's Warbler perches on a pine branch with faded pine branches and green in the background.Michigan Audubon can only accomplish the work we do with the support you provide. Your gift is a sound investment in a healthy future for Michigan birds, their habitats and the web of life upon which we all depend. As a donor, you provide critical dollars that keep our programs, research, and conservation efforts going.

You are welcome direct your donation to your favorite Michigan Audubon sanctuary, conservation project, research endeavor, or wherever it’s needed most. Please indicate your preference, if any, in the comment field of the online donation form.

Donations to Michigan Audubon are tax-deductible to the full extent provided by law.

Please note: No complimentary memberships or renewals of membership are given with your donation.

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Programs and Appeals

Through experiences that develop expertise in avian natural history, native ecology, conservation values, and special topics in ornithology, Michigan Young Birders Camp participants gain a rich foundation on which to successfully nurture their passion for the natural world while fostering lasting relationships with their peers and mentors in conservation and birding. Click here to donate.

With its in-classroom birding and conservation curriculum, Bird by Bird enhances health and well-being, fosters respect for wildlife and their habitats, and prepares young people to develop responsible long-term environmental behaviors as conservation-minded citizens. Click here to donate.

You can make a significant impact on our work at Whitefish Point Bird Observatory including the preservation of important, endangered habitats and bird species such as the Piping Plover, and the continued monitoring of hawk, owl, waterbird, and passerine migration with your donation toward the 2019 Birdathon. An astounding 155 species were seen or heard at the event on May 26. Click here to donate.

This treasured species cannot continue to survive and thrive beyond recovery without human intervention and continued outreach. You can help us share the Kirtland Warbler’s unique conservation story with more Michiganders each breeding season by supporting the Kirtland’s Warbler Tours, which bring more people into the Jack Pine forest, into nature, and into a state of greater understanding and engagement of birds, ecology, and the importance of the human dimension of protecting endangered species. Click here to donate.

Gift and Estate Planning

Make an impact beyond your lifetime for Michigan birds and their habitats

Spanning from the shores of the Great Lakes to our state’s inland waters, wetlands, and forests, Michigan’s natural spaces and wildlife are wide-ranging and require our constant environmental stewardship. As a passionate advocate of Michigan birds and habitats, we invite you to explore this opportunity to support Michigan Audubon’s work to connect birds and people for the benefit of both for years to come.

Founded in 1904, Michigan Audubon has a proud history as Michigan’s oldest conservation organization, dedicated to the preservation of our state’s precious natural resources and the protection of birds through conservation, education, and research. Your planned gift will help to shape our future, and will bring forth the next generation of environmental stewards who will advance our vision and work toward a brighter ecological future for native fauna and flora.

Michigan Audubon believes that your legacy gift should support what you cherish. You can designate your gift to any Michigan Audubon program, activity, or sanctuary that is especially meaningful to you and your family. Feel free to contact us to discuss your objectives and find a suitable designation for your gift. Choosing to leave your gift unrestricted is an extraordinary way to entrust us in addressing the most urgent needs facing birds in Michigan when your gift is received and applied to our work and its long-term impact.

Thank you for considering Michigan Audubon as a part of your legacy. We encourage you to consult with your financial, legal, and tax advisors to explore your giving options and ensure that your goals are achieved.  

Michigan Audubon should be legally designated in your documents as “Michigan Audubon Society, a not-for-profit organization (Tax ID # 38-1686621), located at 2310 Science Parkway, Suite 200, Okemos, MI 48864.”

It is through the generous support of individuals like you that Michigan Audubon continues to play a leading role in providing for the future of birds and their habitats. For more information, contact Development Manager Sarah Pooler at (517) 580-7364 or email