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There are so many great ways you can get involved with Michigan Audubon and make a difference, from becoming a member to donating to creating a bird-friendly yard, volunteering for a stewardship workday, or participating in a citizen science project. While we are proud of our history and heritage as Michigan’s oldest conservation organization, we are a grassroots organization with a statewide mission. Your involvement and support make all the difference for our work!


Michigan Audubon is a 501(c)3 and is funded completely through grants and donations from foundations and individuals like you. We can’t continue our good work in this great state without your support! Your donations fund our bird sanctuaries, on-the-ground conservation work, environmental education initiatives, and our programs (Whitefish Point Bird Observatory, Purple Martin and Chimney Swift conservation), advocacy and policy work to help protect land and wildlife, and research to help us better understand and meet the changing needs of birds in our state and beyond.

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Get involved and donate to Michigan Audubon to support bird conservation.


Become a member

Your membership is vital to Michigan Audubon. Support the birds and get a year’s subscription to our exclusive member magazine, the Jack Pine Warbler. Members also receive a 10% discount at our Owl’s Roost Gift Shop at Whitefish Point Bird Observatory and special discounts on selected events and tours.


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Engage in Citizen Science

Becoming a citizen scientist is easy and allows you to contribute to ongoing scientific bird research efforts. Turn your birding into data collection by participating in backyard bird counts, seasonal survey efforts, and migration counts. Learn more about opportunities to become a citizen scientist here. Questions about citizen science? Email Linnea Rowse at or call our office at (517) 580-7364.


Volunteering with Michigan Audubon is fun, rewarding, and 100% for the birds! Volunteers assist the organization with statewide events, sanctuary workdays, bird monitoring, editing publications, administrative work, and much more. Please visit the volunteering page for details.