Seeking Volunteer Purple Martin Landlords in Lansing Region

March 27, 2017
Diane Huhn
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Michigan Audubon’s Purple Martin conservation efforts focus on outreach, education, on-the-ground conservation, and research to increase awareness for Purple Martins and slow or reverse the population declines they have experienced across the state. While the global population is stable, Michigan’s Purple Martins have been experiencing consistent, steep population declines since 1966 according to the Breeding Bird Survey. Lack of properly sited and managed nesting structures are a limiting factor for breeding Purple Martins as they rely solely on human-made structures for nesting in this region. Michigan’s Purple Martins need everyone’s help to thrive in our state — please join us!

Michigan Audubon is currently working to install several Purple Martin colonies in the Lansing region. We are seeking volunteers interested in helping to monitor these colonies. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Conservation Science Coordinator Rachelle Roake at or (517) 580-7364 to learn how you can make a positive impact for this Michigan species in decline.