We are excited to announce that our 2019 Jack Pine Warbler Cover Photo Contest winner is Josh Haas with Canada Warbler on Hoary Puccoon photographed at Warren Dunes State Park in Sawyer, Michigan. 

Josh is the president of Battle Creek Brigham Audubon and co-owner of Glances at Nature Photography and Birding Tours. Both have expanded his love for teaching others and sharing what he loves about the natural world. Josh’s passion in all things birds is seen in his bird photography and his DVD, “Hawks on the Wing,” an innovative new way to learn hawk ID in flight. To view more of Josh’s photography and teaching tools, visit www.glancesatnature.com and www.hawksonthewing.com

This photo is the second time that one of Josh’s submissions to a JPW Cover Photo Contest has been featured on the cover of the publication. 

2019 Honorable Mentions* (in alphabetical order):
Nicholas Hinnant — Great Blue Heron
Marilyn Keigley — Bald Eagle
Teresa McGill — Trumpeter Swan at Sunrise
J.A. Mikulich — Yellow-rumped Warbler
Cari Povenz — Loon
David Reading — Yellow Warbler at Lake Erie Metropark
Doug Scobel — Great Horned Owl and Owlets

We are in the process of revamping our photo contest for 2020 to include a variety of categories for winning photos, further opportunities for winners to have their work displayed, and more. You can stay up to date on our future photo contests by becoming a member, following us on social media, and receiving our monthly eNews.

Thank you to all who submitted their photos to the 2019 Jack Pine Warbler Cover Photo Contest! It was a pleasure to see all of the warblers, waterbirds, hawks, and more captured in your images, and we look forward to seeing more incredible work in our next contest!


*We would love to share all the honorable mention photos with you, but they may be appearing in upcoming issues of the Jack Pine Warbler or other Michigan Audubon publications. You can receive the JPW by becoming a Michigan Audubon member.