Michigan Audubon maintains a statewide network of bird sanctuaries. The network consists of 18 sanctuary properties that together total more than 3,500 acres. The habitats we protect and steward include: rivers, lakes, marshes, bogs, fens, grasslands, hardwoods and northern conifer forests. Each property plays a critical role in protecting Michigan native plants and animals, including both endangered and threatened species.

Conservation: Sandhill Crane portrait (Daniel Behm)

Michigan Audubon is a key partner in effort to identify Important Bird Areas (IBAs) in Michigan. To date, there are 100 designated Important Bird Areas in the Great Lakes State. These areas are deemed critical to migrating and breeding birds, with emphasis on species of high conservation concern.

Michigan Audubon is also dedicated to promoting bird research, promoting environmentally-conscious advocacy, and sharing conservation resources with like-minded organizations.