Please Welcome New Executive Director for Michigan Audubon: Heather Good

On Behalf of the Board of Directors, we are thrilled to announce that as of 1 March 2016, Heather Good will be the new Executive Director of Michigan Audubon. Heather brings to the organization a collaborative and thoughtful attitude, a remarkable set of professional skills, and an authentic passion for the Michigan Audubon mission.

Heather most recently served as a Senior Team Leader in the Communications and Marketing office of the University of Michigan College of Engineering, where she led (or “wrangled,” as she puts it) diverse teams in financial management, event planning, human resources, and project management. Although a native of Michigan (magna cum laude graduate of Western Michigan University, English and Environmental Studies), Heather previously worked for the Audubon Society of Portland as Membership and Development Coordinator and editor of their member publication, The Warbler. Her work experience also includes teaching at a Waldorf high school and serving as an environmental consultant. In the past year Heather got to know Michigan Audubon well through her service as a volunteer member on our Board of Directors. The Board and staff are confident that Heather’s professional experiences and training have cultivated the type of management expertise, organizational skills, and leadership abilities that will strengthen Michigan Audubon.

We’re proud of what Michigan Audubon has accomplished as a professionalized grassroots organization, but we look forward to the next era of conservation success under her leadership. We hope you will turn to Heather and the rest of our staff when opportunities arise to advance our mission, Connecting Birds and People for the Benefit of Both.

Alec Lindsay

Chair, Michigan Audubon Board of Directors