The new Federal Duck Stamp art: Wood Duck and decoy by Scot Storm.

It’s time to open your pocketbooks and purchase the new 2019-2020 Federal Duck Stamp to support conservation! The new stamp, featuring artwork that depicts a Wood Duck and decoy by Scot Storm, went on sale in late June. 

The Federal Duck Stamp is a conservation revenue stamp issued by the US Fish & Wildlife Service. For $25, not only do you get a beautiful miniature piece of art, but you can also use it for free entry to any national wildlife refuge, all while knowing your dollars are going toward wetlands and associated habitats.

According to the USFWS website, “Wetlands acquired with Duck Stamp dollars help purify water, aid in flood control, reduce soil erosion and sedimentation, and enhance outdoor recreation opportunities.”

The new Junior Duck Stamp features this Harlequin Duck art by Nicole Jeon.

You can also purchase a Junior Duck Stamp for $5 which helps fund environmental education programs. The 2019-2020 Junior Duck Stamp depicts a Harlequin Duck painted by 16-year-old Nicole Jeon.

You can purchase a Duck Stamp at Amplex Corporation, the postal store, select post offices, your national wildlife refuge, or through the American Birding Association.

Click here to learn more about the Federal Duck Stamp program.