Michigan Audubon members will receive a post card ballot during the month of February. Members’ deadline for submitting votes is February 28. The following paragraphs provide background information on each candidate.

Dr. Alec Lindsay

Dr. Lindsay has served as Board Chair for the past three years, guiding the Board through a revision of Bylaws during that time. He teaches introductory courses (Intro to Biology – Principles), mid-level courses for majors (Intro to Cell and Molecular Biology, Conservation Biology) and non-majors (Ecology of the Northern Forest), advanced courses for majors (Evolution, Genetics, Ornithology) and graduate students (Systematics, Conservation Genetics, Graduate Seminar) at Northern Michigan University in Marquette. He also regularly mentors students in courses of individualized content (Field Experience, Lab Experience, Directed Studies, Research) and leads students on an intensive course in Africa (Field Studies of Zambia). Dr. Lindsay was awarded the distinction of Michigan Professor of the Year in 2014.

Ray Stocking

Mr. Stocking is a returning Board Member. He is a Past President and Board member of the Washtenaw Audubon. He has twenty years of sales and customer service experience in the high-tech industry.

Heather Good