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Michigan Audubon Opposes Proposal for Mourning Dove Hunt

Mourning Dove Photo: Ken Slade Michigan Audubon has strongly supported Michigan’s protection of the Mourning Dove as a songbird since its inception. The ban started in 1905, just one year after Michigan Audubon — the state’s oldest conservation organization —...

Michigan Audubon Opposes Proposal of Sandhill Crane Hunt

A pair of Sandhill Cranes takes flight. Photo: Steve Byland A hundred years ago, the Sandhill Crane population in Michigan hit an all-time low — they were hunted nearly to extinction and suffered greatly from the loss of suitable wetland...

Red Knots & Horseshoe Crabs: A Talk by Author Deborah Cramer, August 1

Deborah Cramer, author, at Wingersheek Beach in Gloucester, MA, November 13, 2014.© 2014 Shawn G. Henry • 978.590.4869 Red knots, flying between Tierra del Fuego and their Arctic nesting grounds each year, take the measure of a shoreline running the...