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Michigan Audubon members are in good company. We’re over 2,500 strong! By being a member, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re a part of a team helping to protect birds and bird habitat in Michigan.

All Michigan Audubon members receive 6 issues of our award-winning membership magazine, the Jack Pine Warbler. In addition, members are eligible for a 10% discount on purchases made in the Michigan Audubon Bookstore and additional discounts on event registrations. All new members receive a Michigan Audubon welcome packet that includes a decal, sticker, and a host of information about Audubon activity in your local area.

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Membership LevelCostPurchase Link
Student Membership$15.00
Individual Membership$30.00
Household Membership$50.00
Supporting Membership$100.00
Sustaining Membership$500.00
Benefactor Membership$1,000.00
Business Membership$75.00

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Renewal LevelCostPurchase Link
Student Renewal$15.00
Individual Renewal$30.00
Household Renewal$50.00
Supporting Renewal$100.00
Sustaining Renewal$500.00
Benefactor Renewal$1,000.00
Business Renewal$75.00